Making brunch (as I turn 29)

Having friends and family over for brunch was fun!

I woke up early and started off with frying bacon, roasting potatoes, and making pancake batter.

Fresh flowers brightened my day. Journals to use when I travel will be useful to verbalize the memories of traveling to Spain for a second time after 15 years.


Dear Friday

so close, yet so far

to you I surrender

time is spent on…

the subtle wrinkle of smiles,

chit chat, boomerang back to work

behold your leverage in many of one’s happiness

You are appreciated indeed!



Consecutive Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Sight Translation

Some prefer one over the other, when it comes to interpreting. I lean toward the consecutive interpreting. The issue arises when the speaker can understand some of the other language and can become confused when listening to two speakers. Another issue to consider is over the phone.

Words to remember

Repisa, frotar, cerumen, estado (del paciente), attender ( a los pacientes), crema humectante, desinfectado (sanitized), gabinete, seguidamente, presionar las teclas/escribir a maquina, lesion, rara vez/poco comun. aspera/rasposo, esparadrapo…

On Teaching (2014)

As I was re-organizing my stack of papers that I have BEEN trying to tackle, I find what I wrote in my little mini notebook while teaching ESL. Here it is transcribed.

October 4,2014

I have taught ESL classes now for two weeks at Los Angeles City College. I am happy with the job because I get to teach the class to motivated adult students that want to learn English. It is free of charge to them as well. In the current moment, I am outside the medical interpretation course. The previous two times, the instructor has no regard to time. We will see today. […]

Present Day (July 2017)

[Mind you, I have also tried to complete a interpretation certification… and have yet to do it. Perhaps I will. Although I can say that it has definitely helped me make more connections between both languages (English and Spanish)]. I had also totally forgotten that the teacher would arrive late to teach, around 30 minutes late. He then suggested to apply to work as a translator, to which I applied. AND, about that…. the questionnaire for that application seemed more like a personality test and included way too many personal questions (Which may help to find out my personality….hmmmmm).

Back to October 4, 2017:

I am going to apply to learn Italian.

Now in July 2017, I have an Italian-English dictionary and a book to learn Italian.



How baking motivates me

Every week for the past few months I have started baking more frequently. I have always enjoyed this hobby and am glad that I am pushing myself to explore more possibilities when it comes to desserts.

Although I am not into making much of afuss about new year resolutions, I went ahead and decided to begin baking for the mere joy of baking. I have many a few boards on Pinterest, I have a list of ideas on the refrigerator, have email subscriptions to various websites and ALL related to baking and food.

So, I have come to terms that I WILL strive to bake those ideas that catch my eye and share them here.

For today’s baking session, I have baked a chocolate cake inspired by It’s Always Autumn. The recipe is linked below:

I used the ingredients I had around the apartment and went for a cake instead of a brownie to see how the amount of baking soda/salt would affect it. I also omitted the bananas because the ones I have are frozen and are best used in my smoothies in the AM.

Thank you for reading!