Hello Everyone!

Here goes…. This is super exciting! I want to take this opportunity to share with you why I decided to start this blog. I need a space to write the many events that are happening in my life, my past experiences, as well as random topics. The future is always out of reach but expressing my thoughts with others will be a way for me to clear my head and gain a better grasp of who I am and who I wish to become.

What am I enthusiastic about, well, here is a little more information about who I am:

I am bilingual in English-Spanish and am currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I am an avid reader and wish to one day have a library as big as the one in the movie, that I am sure many have seen, Beauty and the Beast.

Travelling is another area of interest for me. My first trip abroad was planned by my high school. We were able to visit Spain for 9 days. Since then I have tried my best to travel to other locations as much as possible.

I value the importance of education and I also want to share with you my passion for teaching a second language. This post will be my ranting on what happens in my classrooms. HAHA.

I also enjoy writing poems and will share some of my thoughts with y’all.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. Glad I am pushing myself outside of my comfort zone!



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