Blogging. I’m trying this out! I enjoy seeing people’s vlogs on YouTube and I will start off with blogging here for the month of December. I had fun hanging out with friends all last week. I was happy that we enjoyed our time in Seattle! Pike’s place was a definite must! The funny part was that we totally missed going to the original Starbucks, since none of us drink much coffee. Plus coffee stains my teeth, EEK!

Today, I was at work, trying to not cough away. I kept my jacket on the whole time. Usually, I take it off to acclimate to the temperature indoors. I wonder why the heater is left on all night.

I made some yummy tortillas just now which will be part of dinner: enchiladas. Wooooo! Side note: I hurt my knee at work, mind you, and no bruise formed! It did hurt a bit though. Okies, good night.


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