How baking motivates me

Every week for the past few months I have started baking more frequently. I have always enjoyed this hobby and am glad that I am pushing myself to explore more possibilities when it comes to desserts.

Although I am not into making much of afuss about new year resolutions, I went ahead and decided to begin baking for the mere joy of baking. I have many a few boards on Pinterest, I have a list of ideas on the refrigerator, have email subscriptions to various websites and ALL related to baking and food.

So, I have come to terms that I WILL strive to bake those ideas that catch my eye and share them here.

For today’s baking session, I have baked a chocolate cake inspired by It’s Always Autumn. The recipe is linked below:

I used the ingredients I had around the apartment and went for a cake instead of a brownie to see how the amount of baking soda/salt would affect it. I also omitted the bananas because the ones I have are frozen and are best used in my smoothies in the AM.

Thank you for reading!



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