On Teaching (2014)

As I was re-organizing my stack of papers that I have BEEN trying to tackle, I find what I wrote in my little mini notebook while teaching ESL. Here it is transcribed.

October 4,2014

I have taught ESL classes now for two weeks at Los Angeles City College. I am happy with the job because I get to teach the class to motivated adult students that want to learn English. It is free of charge to them as well. In the current moment, I am outside the medical interpretation course. The previous two times, the instructor has no regard to time. We will see today. […]

Present Day (July 2017)

[Mind you, I have also tried to complete a interpretation certification… and have yet to do it. Perhaps I will. Although I can say that it has definitely helped me make more connections between both languages (English and Spanish)]. I had also totally forgotten that the teacher would arrive late to teach, around 30 minutes late. He then suggested to apply to work as a translator, to which I applied. AND, about that…. the questionnaire for that application seemed more like a personality test and included way too many personal questions (Which may help to find out my personality….hmmmmm).

Back to October 4, 2017:

I am going to apply to learn Italian.

Now in July 2017, I have an Italian-English dictionary and a book to learn Italian.




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