mid-December blues

As I contemplate where the year has flown, 2015’s important events that pop up in the fore front of my brain are times spent doing various activities where I felt very enthusiastic.

  1. Road trip along the West Coast.
  2. Summer travels to Central America.
  3. Yoga videos (YouTube).
  4. Improving my pull ups ( oh so slightly).
  5. Sharing my thoughts on this page.

Blog Challenge Fail

I take full responsibility that I was unable to write everyday this month. My immediate family came to visit and was busy with showing them around town. My nephew’s first birthday happened. It rained quite a bit.


Blogging. I’m trying this out! I enjoy seeing people’s vlogs on YouTube and I will start off with blogging here for the month of December. I had fun hanging out with friends all last week. I was happy that we enjoyed our time in Seattle! Pike’s place was a definite must! The funny part was that we totally missed going to the original Starbucks, since none of us drink much coffee. Plus coffee stains my teeth, EEK!

Today, I was at work, trying to not cough away. I kept my jacket on the whole time. Usually, I take it off to acclimate to the temperature indoors. I wonder why the heater is left on all night.

I made some yummy tortillas just now which will be part of dinner: enchiladas. Wooooo! Side note: I hurt my knee at work, mind you, and no bruise formed! It did hurt a bit though. Okies, good night.

Precious Time

With its notion of flying

Awaken in its footsteps the memory bank

Present strolling through the wind’s waves

Breaths linked to inner peace

Embracing wrinkles best appearance

Pause for a second, rewind, fast forward and re-play

Stroking caresses of man-made construction!

Home-made food

comes with its benefits. I am able to learn new techniques, experiment with ingredients that are new to my palate, and tackling time/chemistry. Balancing the necessary vitamins and proteins needed for the daily¬†doses is a task that is challenging. Where do we learn all of this? Is it the food pyramid… oh wait, was that not changed recently?

Building memories, in the comfort of my home, is the way to go for me!

Falling for someone

Or is it more like tripping and not ever recovering

Sensations not recognized before

Luring over my shoulder

Ovation in recognizing the hormones that rush and flaunt

themselves every time we gaze

Voluptuous timeline of memories

Evoke the notion of belonging

pertaining to no other than our selves

Oracle foreseen

Revolving through the incessant waves

In awe of listening to your smell

Struggling to remain detached or is it attached, Such commitment to uphold?

In a ever interconnected world

Tantalizing those encounters of “First sight”

Leave it to the decision of time’s¬†cliffs

Inundated with smooth caresses

Kindly administered

Ever lasting and happily ever after

Tell me!

Me and Cooking

are not true friends! Ah, I am trying to go down the list of pinned recipes and there is little progress. Surely, the day will arrive when I am able to come up with my own meal plan, until then, I am glad to have the pinterest community help out. Thanks bunches!