Falling for someone

Or is it more like tripping and not ever recovering

Sensations not recognized before

Luring over my shoulder

Ovation in recognizing the hormones that rush and flaunt

themselves every time we gaze

Voluptuous timeline of memories

Evoke the notion of belonging

pertaining to no other than our selves

Oracle foreseen

Revolving through the incessant waves

In awe of listening to your smell

Struggling to remain detached or is it attached, Such commitment to uphold?

In a ever interconnected world

Tantalizing those encounters of “First sight”

Leave it to the decision of time’s cliffs

Inundated with smooth caresses

Kindly administered

Ever lasting and happily ever after

Tell me!

Me and Cooking

are not true friends! Ah, I am trying to go down the list of pinned recipes and there is little progress. Surely, the day will arrive when I am able to come up with my own meal plan, until then, I am glad to have the pinterest community help out. Thanks bunches!

Taking control of my car

In high school, I was determined to learn the basics of auto shop. I signed up and by the end of the semester I learned many life lessons that I have used ever since. For example: how to change oil, how to read the tires’ psi, getting acquainted with the tool box, and knowing the logistics of changing a tire to name a few. Popping the hood there and again is always a great idea to learn more. AAA is an option for road side assistance, yet who can say that they have changed a tire on the side of the freeway, in CA mind you, on the way back from the state fair! YES, that was me.

I also want to thank my father for allowing me to learn more about cars when I was younger. No one has the time to be dependent on someone, who may not know much about cars themselves. BOOM!


I am sorting through my pile of papers… that I have been putting off. Why? I see a reminder to exercise. I do enjoy exercising but daunting as it may be I am recognizing the feeling of seeing my body tone up. I will achieve that pull up one day!

To my future self that can at times linger working out:

( to be completed when possible)

jumping jacks, push ups, lunges,squats, mountain climbers, high knees, butt kicks, planks, sit ups, zumba, and yoga.

Mayhem in Los Angeles

Hiking trails are what makes my mind forget all the chaos happening around me. Los Angeles is intimidating, and not because of the lack of smiles, which can be easily counted, but its infrastructure makes time fly by and not in an enticing manner. There needs to be some better thought out plan!

Can there be a day where people enjoy a happy hour and  speak about  other topics besides transportation?

Too many encounters with…

being rejected from job opportunities. Well, I thought they were opportunities. But, I may be better off. Thank you for allowing me to lose time with your random questions and requesting me to share more about myself. It’s all a process and next interview can only get better. Your loss because I will work for those that value my importance and not see me as an economic burden. So for all those places that have sent me the oh so formal, and personal may I add, email clearly stating that “there were a surplus of extremely qualified candidates…” Brushing that off my shoulder.  Deuces!

Hello Everyone!

Here goes…. This is super exciting! I want to take this opportunity to share with you why I decided to start this blog. I need a space to write the many events that are happening in my life, my past experiences, as well as random topics. The future is always out of reach but expressing my thoughts with others will be a way for me to clear my head and gain a better grasp of who I am and who I wish to become.

What am I enthusiastic about, well, here is a little more information about who I am:

I am bilingual in English-Spanish and am currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I am an avid reader and wish to one day have a library as big as the one in the movie, that I am sure many have seen, Beauty and the Beast.

Travelling is another area of interest for me. My first trip abroad was planned by my high school. We were able to visit Spain for 9 days. Since then I have tried my best to travel to other locations as much as possible.

I value the importance of education and I also want to share with you my passion for teaching a second language. This post will be my ranting on what happens in my classrooms. HAHA.

I also enjoy writing poems and will share some of my thoughts with y’all.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. Glad I am pushing myself outside of my comfort zone!